Keynote Speaker

AccaAfter graduation from a French Business School, she took an MBA in Italy. Acted as manager with department store La Rinascente in Milan, then joined Carrefour Italy as Research Manager. In that role, she was engaged a/o with merchandising optimization, analysis of promotions, geomarketing, pre/post testing of national campaigns and co-creation of strategic marketing plans.

In 2004, she came back to France as National Commercial Performance Manager for Carrefour France. In 2010 she launched ACCARESEARCH, innovative modern agency specialized in retail. At the same time, she acts as Senior External Consultant for ECR France. In that capacity, she runs retailers and suppliers workshops and provides consultancy and training in different projects with focus on omnichannel shopper knowledge, promotion efficiency and e-Commerce best practice. In 2015 she launched ACTINCO, a consulting company specialized in retail, e-Commerce and omnichannel shopper experience.

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