8:30 - 9:00 | Registration of participants

Chair: Tomáš Krásný, Partner, Blue Strategy

Key analyses of the promotions impact from the Czech republic and abroad


Retail promotions in international comparison

Karel Týra, Commercial Director and Michal Čepek, Senior Consultant, Nielsen
The short-, medium-and long-term impact of promotions on loyalty to brands of products and retail chains

Tobias Schediwy, Consumer Sector Lead CEE-META, GfK and Ladislav Csengeri, Consumer Panel Services Director Czech & Slovak Republic, GfK

Efficient promotions--but who is the real winner? Ondřej Žák, Senior Manager, Retail and FMCG Advisory Services, EY
10.30 - 11.00 | A coffee / tea break
11.00 - 13.00 | B. IT CAN BE DONE BETTER!

Chair: Tomáš Krásný, Partner, Blue Strategy

Examples of successful promotional activities and ways to increase efficiency


Promotion Efficiency – case study of joint industry initiative

Francoise Acca, Senior Consultant, ECR France

The digital revolution is changing also retail promotions

Michal Nýdrle, Founder, Kindred Group

Loyalty systems of new generation as an alternative to promotions

Josef Machala, Loyalty & Acceptance Manager, MasterCard and Oldřich Kubišta, Operations Director, Cinema City Czech and Slovak Republic

Mobile coupons as the path to measurable and attractive consumer promotions
Zdeněk Nový, Managing Director, COOL Ticketing and Petr Sláma, Business Development Manager, Kofola
13.00 - 14.00 | Business lunch
14.00 - 16.00 | C. HOW TO DO IT?

Chair: Tomáš Formánek, CEO, Logio

Case studies and discussions on possibilities of promotions streamlining


How to do it: case study of Billa Austria

Manfred Litschka, CEE Sales Director, TCC
A case study of promotional efficiency using loyalty data Petr Křiklan, Retailer Services Director, Nielsen and David Vejtruba, Marketing Director, p.k. Solvent

Panel discussion participants:

Jan Ambrož, Managing Partner, ProScenium
Pavel Březina, Chairman, COOP Group
Lenka Hanáčková, Market Research Manager, Makro ČR
Josef Hovořák, Business Development Director, Vitana
Jan Krátký, Head of Customer Team, Nestlé
Karel Šťastný, Customer Innovation Leader, Unilever ČR
David Vejtruba, Marketing Director, p.k. Solvent

16.00 | Finally conference
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