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Retail Summit 2017 program: Digital transformation drives the change of the retail market

Retail Summit 2017, taking place on 30. 1. - 1. 2. 2017 at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, will focus on no-line retail. Main attention will be given to the forecast of retail trade and to innovations, changing shopping pattern and retail business itself. The program highlights the dialogue between the leaders of brick&mortar and internet trade. In that context, topics like customer experience, seamless retailing or e-Commerce consolidation will receive the biggest space in the program.

Retail Summit 2017 will focus on no-line retail

Prague, 12/9 2016 – Retail Summit 2017 will address the hot topic how to trade on the market, where new digital technologies and globalisation abolish old borders and create no-line retail. It will take place on Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2017 in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague.It is expected that the Summit will once again attract attendance of more than a thousand retailers and their suppliers, and the capacity of Conference Centre will be completely full. So, please put the date ofRetail Summit 2017 into the calendar and take the opportunity to register on very favourable early terms.

The way out of price promotion trap leads through small but systematic steps. And through digital transformation.

Praha 6th April 2016. The specialized conference for series Retail in Detail focused on the most pressing topic of the Czech retail, how to reduce overflow and inefficiency of promotional campaigns in the field of FMCG. Despite the growth of the economy, consumer confidence and wages, there still exists an unaccountable raising share of goods sold in discount promotions – more than 50%. All that in situation when Czech consumers put the factor of price just to the fourth place within purchase decision-making factors. More than 160 suppliers, distributors and retailers, thus discussed the results of market analyses and searched the ways out of the promotion trap with the help of practical examples from abroad and inspiration from the sphere of digital technologies and e-commerce.

Retail Summit 2016 from the perspective of participants: the most balanced program of last years

Praha 7. 2. 2016: Retail Summit 2016 defended the reputation of the biggest meeting of retailers and their suppliers on the Central European market. In its 22nd year participation reached almost the last year's record - during the three days Clarion Congress Hotel was visited by a total of 1,027 participants.

Retail Summit 2016: Retail value can be uplifted only jointly with key partners

Praha, 4. 2. 2016 – A thousand of retailers and their suppliers discussed options for market value increase at Retail Summit 2016. They agreed that neither retail, nor any other element of supply chain, can create value on the account of other partners. Deepening of collaboration in the whole chain of relations and implementation of win-win-win principle is thus vital.

Program of Retail Summit 2016 reflects the desired power balance of individual market players

Praha, December 1, 2015 – Retail Summit 2016, planned for February 1st to 3rd in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, will bring very rich program offering the right balance between key market players. The line-up consists of retail stars, both Czech and international, representing various corporations and independent companies. The program also reserves special space for interaction between traditional brick and mortar retailers and E-Commerce, so much booming in the Czech market these days.

Prof Murray: Retail is a tough business, so it is easy to make mistakes that destroy value

Prague, October 15, 2015 – Professor Kyle B. Murray, key note speaker at Retail Summit 2016, will in his Prague presentation focus on the right retail value proposition. He plans to share key findings from extensive shopper research and interviews with leading retailers. Historically, retail competition has been about the environment and the products, but the future is about engaging customers - that will be the key message of his speech.

Key topic of Retail Summit 2016 revealed: How to bring value back to retail business?

Prague, August 7, 2015 – Retail Summit 2016, the largest event of its kind in CEE, will focus on hot topic of value uplift of retail business. The value will be discussed in the context of the whole chain of its creation (or liquidation...), i.e. in relation to key stakeholders from customers up to employees. To offer an even wider range of opportunities for networking, the Summit will extend its format for 3 days (1 - 3 February 2016). The popular venue stays unchanged: Prague Clarion Congress Centre.

Retail in Detail/FMCG online: A rightly-timed conference

Prague, 10th of June 2015 Great things have started to happen in the area of online FMCG sales. Therefore the FMCG Online conference from the Retail in Detail series, organized by Blue Events, came at the right time. More than 150 manufacturers, retailers, distributors and E-Commerce information and service suppliers came together in the conference hall of the Boscolo Hotel in Prague to become familiar with the new online business network undergoing radical change. Nine speakers focused primarily on analyses, trends and changes of the FMCG market during the E-Commerce expansion period. In the dynamic afternoon discussion forum, everyone also compared different business models of multiple online retailers and discussed general chances and risks that accompany online FMCG sales.

Retail in Detail/FMCG Online: Interest in the conference exceeded expectations. The organizers are moving the event into a larger space.

Prague, May 20 – Interest in the specialized conference Retail in Detail by Blue Events, focused this year on the highly topical subject of e-Commerce in FMCG, exceeds all expectations. 3 weeks before the conference term the originally planned Conference Centre is completely overfilled. The organizers are therefore forced to move the event to a larger conference hall of the hotel Boscolo in the centre of Prague.